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Funeral venues in Portland and surrounds

Nothing sets the tone of a Great Goodbye more than the location selected for the service and wake. Everything takes its cue from this decision, including how people dress, the food you serve, and how long proceedings will go on for.

From traditional venues to some out of the box funeral ideas that you may not have already thought about, we’ve amassed a range of unique local venues to help you.

Sometimes we just need a little inspiration

Maybe you know just the song to play and maybe you don’t. Maybe you’d love to do things a certain way at the funeral but you’re not sure if you can. At Great Goodbye’s we’ve unpacked some myths and little known facts that can free you up to do what you want … and some inspiration to help you plan each element of the funeral. Here’s some for starters...

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A Venue for a Great Goodbye

It’s one of the first questions people are asked when someone has died. Where is the funeral? Nothing sets the tone of a Great Goodbye more than the location selected for the servi...

Myth: Funerals should be held inside a church or funeral home

The law allows you to hold a funeral service almost anywhere. In your own home or Grandma’s garden. At the beach or local football club. In a forest or a cave. In your local pub. Y...

Myth: Food and drinks come after the service, and no alcohol

Some think it disrespectful to eat and drink during a funeral service, but is it really? Reality is, many of us celebrate life’s biggest milestones this way, and if this is how you...

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