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Sharon Hunter - October 2021

Step 4: Planning A Funeral Reception

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When all is said and done! What would you like to happen after the service?

1. Decide where, when and how long this will be
If not already selected, make arrangements. Will it be at the same venue as the service or would you prefer to go somewhere different? For many, the family home works really well. Or it could be a park, the beach, a sports club. If you want a venue without time restriction, ensure you choose somewhere that has the freedom you need.

2. Booking catering and refreshments
Depending on the venue selected, there may be onsite catering, or you can arrange your own. Don’t forget to check licence requirements if you want to serve alcohol. Consider a food truck or other portable catering; it’s a great solution for outdoor venues like parks or the beach, but can work anywhere.

3. Music
Live music or a Spotify playlist? Check you have a playlist long enough, one that’s full of memories and suits the people gathered. If you are in Portland, we have some Great Goodbye's providers who can assist.

4. Speeches
A chance for others to speak if there wasn't opportunity to do so at the service. Some may be more comfortable with the formality dialled down a notch at the after-function. It still requires some structure, and time set aside. Depending on size of the gathering and the venue, consider having a microphone on standby.

5. Make a plan for children
It can be a long day for kids. Delegate older ones to supervise. Set up a place to watch movies, have kid-friendly snacks, bring along puzzles and games if the day is extended.

6. Transport for guests
If moving to another venue for the after-function, think about coordinating transport. You might hire vans, a bus, or taxis, or ask family and friends to help out particularly if you have out of town guests.

7. Update the Honoring page
Add any final details including location, timing, maps and so on.

Consider the chance for others to speak, especially if there wasn't the opportunity to do so at the service. Upon reflection they may welcome the chance.

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