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Sharon Hunter - October 2021

Step 2: Booking The Service Venue

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Now it’s time to plan the service and make the necessary arrangements.

1. When and where will the service take place?
One of the first things people want to know is when and where the service will be. If in Oregon, consider these great venues. Our themes and Ideas and Inspiration page has beautiful ways to activate and personalize any venue.

2. Consider these key factors
- Capacity: How many people do you expect? - Time of Day: Would you prefer a daytime service followed by lunch or afternoon tea, or later in the day and an evening after-function? - How much time: Do you want somewhere unconstrained by how long you can be there? - After the service: Is it important for people to remain afterwards at the same venue? How long you would like? - Perhaps two venues works well, one for the service and another for an afters function? - Memorial services have greater venue choices as there is no casket present. - If having a private committal service, would you like the memorial immediately afterwards or delayed?

3. Book the venue
Secure the date, time and place. Funeral homes will book some places for you; generally places of faith or the funeral home chapel itself. More options open up if you take on this task, or perhaps use a professional event planner.

4. Additional requirements
If you are planning a service at home, in a park or unique venue, you may need hire equipment, caterers, music, audio visual equipment, wait staff.

5. Update your plan and set up an Honoring page
Add venue information to your plan. If not yet started, begin an Honoring Page. The service venue details will transfer automatically. You can then send invitations, and people can check for updates on the page. You can add details on the Honoring page such as dress code and other special instructions.

Hard as it is, start a list of likely guests so you get an idea of scale and the size of venue you need.

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