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Sharon Hunter - October 2021

Step 3: Creating The Service

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With the venue secured, it’s time create a Great Goodbye.

1. Decide on any special themeing
This could impact everything from casket to catering, music to transport, dress code to décor. Click here for ideas and inspiration.

2. Who will lead the funeral?
A funeral is not a legal event; anyone can lead a funeral. Choose a family member or friend, a leader from a place of faith, or professional celebrant.

3. Select casket flowers and/or memorabilia for the casket
The funeral home can order a casket spray on your behalf (for a handling charge), or you can purchase direct from the florist. Consider going with home grown or replace flowers with personal items. Great Goodbyes themes has ideas to get you started.

4. Choose Pall Bearers
There are typically 8 pallbearers. Some have the casket carried into, as well as away from the service, in which case there is opportunity for more people to be involved in this important role.

5. Decide on eulogies and readings
Decide who will anchor the main eulogy, and who the others are that will follow. To avoid repetition, have people speak to different parts such as childhood memories, family times, work stories and so on. Note them down in your digital planner.

6. Consider the music
It’s one of the easiest ways to personalize the service. These music articles will get you thinking of different ways to elevate the service with sound. Reach out to family and friends for ideas and help. Add their thoughts into your digital plan.

7. Create a photo and video montage for the service
Start collecting images for a photo and video montage to play at the service. Use your Plan Builder to reach out to family and friends for photo contributions.

8. Transport of the casket
Yes you can drive the casket! It might be that a unique vehicle will bring a special flavour to proceedings, or that you wish to make this one last drive yourself. Alternatively, your funeral home will have a hearse available for hire and can drive the casket on your behalf.

9. Program sheet /Order of Service
This is the printed sheet frequently given to guests on arrival. The funeral home can arrange for you, or you can create your own. It is not compulsory to have one, or follow any particular format. If going DIY, delegate to a family member or friend.

10. Arrange service recording and live streaming
Increasingly popular as a way for people to attend the service remotely, and keep a recording for the future. The funeral home can arrange on your behalf. Many venues can help facilitate live streaming, or you may wish to arrange yourself. Once arranged, you can add a streaming link to the Honor page.

11. Update the Honoring page
Just a gentle reminder from us. Don’t forget to keep updating the Honor page with details like dress code, transport, support ideas for family, incoming tributes and messages.

Who is the creative one in your family that can start collecting the images you will compile into a video montage, with music behind, to play at the service.

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