Funeral Officiants in Portland, OR

When words are all you have

Funeral Celebrants in Portland and surrounds

You may have a family member, church leader or funeral home representative in mind to officiate the funeral service. Or you might like the assistance of an experienced celebrant to guide the day and set the tone, so you have the space to be present.


Sometimes we just need a little inspiration

Maybe you know just the song to play and maybe you don’t. Maybe you’d love to do things a certain way at the funeral but you’re not sure if you can. At Great Goodbye’s we’ve unpacked some myths and little known facts that can free you up to do what you want … and some inspiration to help you plan each element of the funeral. Here’s some for starters...

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One Picture, A Thousand Words

The moment we had a camera as part of mobile phone functionality we started taking photos of almost everything. Weirdly, food featured a lot. There were before and after photos at...

The Final Say

A lot of meaningful moments happen at the funeral service. We speak of our love, respect, and admiration for the one who has died. We also express our grief. A Great Goodbye that’s...

A Different Way With Words

The Eulogy. It’s often the funeral element that causes the most angst and raises the most questions leading up to the day. What do you say? How much is too much? Should it be a wel...

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