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Sharon Hunter - September 2021

9 Funeral Home Facts

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The more you know the better. There's some key points to be aware of for starters

  1. The funeral director is the industry professional most turn to for assistance making funeral arrangements. Funeral Homes charge a fixed service fee to cover the following:
  • Meeting with the family (they're generally available for phone and in person meetings).
  • Contribution to funeral home overheads
  • Booking the crematorium or cemetery
  • Booking the service venue*
  • Booking an officiant*
  • Ordering flowers*
  • Booking a caterer*

* These will generally be from the funeral home's chosen providers. A mark-up or similar charge may be added.

  1. Funeral home fees differ according to the resources and facilities each has. Onsite chapel, cemetery, mausoleum, gardens and grounds, selection of hearses and so on typically command a higher fee.

  2. These functions are not covered in the fixed service fee:

  • Cremation or internment fees
  • Collecting the deceased and transporting to the funeral home
  • Registering the death
  • Transport to the service
  • Recording of live streaming the service
  • Order of Service
  1. Families can use the funeral home for as much or as little they need, taking on any of the above tasks themselves.

  2. A funeral home must, by law, accept a casket that has been purchased from somewhere other than their own business.

  3. There is no law to say you must use a funeral home to make arrangements. It is possible for family to book burial/cremation, register the death, purchase and transport the casket.

Things to Note

  1. If the body has already been collected by a funeral home, you could be liable for full fixed service fee, even if you wish to take on all arranging aspects yourself. Discuss with the funeral home.

  2. Booking certain things directly like officiant, venue, caterer etc opens up more options. Discuss with the funeral home how this could reduce the fixed service fee.

  3. Direct to cremation is an all in one price for situations when there won’t be a funeral service. The price includes: o Collection of the deceased o Registering the death o Cremation of the body o Returning the ashes

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"Families can use the funeral home for as much or as little they need."

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