Funeral Venue Ideas

Finding the perfect place

Creating the perfect funeral venue

Surroundings matter. By the river where they fished. Under the oak tree in their favorite park. Atop the hill on their hiking trail. At the outdoor restaurant that was their go-to place, at home or in a church. Themed or simply located in a place that says it all, let's think differently. When adding unique funeral ideas for your loved one, consider the funeral venue itself.

A Venue for a Great Goodbye

It’s one of the first questions people are asked when someone has died. Where is the funeral? Nothing sets the tone of a Great Goodbye more than the location selected for the servi...

9 Funeral Home Facts

The more you know the better. There's some key points to be aware of for starters The funeral director is the industry professional most turn to for assistance making funeral arr...

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Set up a funeral plan

Save ideas to your favourites and start to pull together the elements of the funeral that you want to personalize to create a truly authentic Great Goodbye.

Create a Plan