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Sharon Hunter - October 2021

8 Ins And Outs of Funeral Transport

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  1. It’s legal for anyone to transport a casket. Get written permission from the funeral home.

  2. A hearse is a vehicle that’s been modified to carry a casket, typically removing back seats and adding slide rails to move the casket easily in and out.

  3. Usually someone from the funeral home drives the hearse.

  4. A typical price for a hearse from the funeral home is around $350 - $450.

  5. If you would like take on some (or all) of the driving duties, ask your funeral home.

  6. Most RV vehicles are big enough to accomodate a casket.

  7. There are specialist modified vehicles to give the funeral a unique twist. Maybe a motorbike with casket sidecar, a Rolls Royce or a classic car hearse. Bespoke hearses cost more.

  8. Consider using a bus or fleet of vans if you wish to host the funeral out of town, or transport everyone together to the after service function.

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If you would like to take on the driving duties, ask your funeral home if you can take on this honor.

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