Funeral Transportation Ideas

Going out in style

Yes, you can drive the casket to the funeral

It's just another way of making your Great Goodbye more personal. Imagine driving the casket on the back of their flatbed truck, on a motorcycle sidecar and by teaming up with a company that has vintage or unique transportation options. The choices are endless.

Mind If I Drive

From the files of things you likely never knew comes this interesting nugget. Did you know that the law allows anyone to drive a casket? It is not solely the domain of certain prof...

8 Ins And Outs of Funeral Transport

It’s legal for anyone to transport a casket. Get written permission from the funeral home. A hearse is a vehicle that’s been modified to carry a casket, typically removing back...

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Set up a funeral plan

Save ideas to your favourites and start to pull together the elements of the funeral that you want to personalize to create a truly authentic Great Goodbye.

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