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Sharon Hunter - September 2021

The Traveler

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They were always heading somewhere. Bags packed, itinerary sorted, off to places both familiar and foreign.

Not for them the comfort of a home base nest, they thrived on the thrill of new places and most importantly new people. Living out of a suitcase was an art form; they made it look so easy.

Strangers met in parks, caf├ęs, or museums became friends, and added to the rich tapestry of their globe-trotting life. You have the stack of postcards to prove it.

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Ideas and inspiration:

  1. Select a cardboard casket and cover it with maps. Or order screen printed casket with a world map theme.
  2. If there was a country that particularly touched their heart, drape the appropriate flag across the casket.
  3. Create an order of service using a post card theme. Find the perfect photo of them abroad for one side, add a stamp and hand written script on the other.
  4. Theme the food at the after service function. Get a local international restaurant to cater, or think about a food struck.
  5. Have friends from overseas play a part with a video montage. There are great apps like that make it super simple to post and collate.
  6. If cremating, scatter their ashes around the world. Have family and friends take them the next time they travel.

"They were always heading somewhere, on another glorious adventure."

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