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Sharon Hunter - September 2021

For The Love Of Sport

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Ah – the glory of the game. They played it, watched it, and talked about it. A LOT.

Match day was big! Everything that surrounded the game had something to give, from the anticipation to the aftermath. They had their favorites and were loyal beyond belief.

Most of all, sport meant friendship. Moments and memories made with others that shared the same passion. In the end, that’s what it was always about.

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Ideas and inspiration:

  1. Replace the standard casket floral arrangement with items that spoke of their passion. If might be golf clubs, tennis racket, snow skis or battered old running shoes. It could be the jersey from the team they supported.
  2. Think about location. Would the local sports club be up for holding the service? If not, think about heading there for the after-service function.
  3. What about a guard of honor from the local team? Dressed in club jerseys, what a fitting way to send them off.
  4. In place of the usual book for signatures, get a bowl of golf balls, tennis balls, a football or a baseball bat and have guests sign these instead. It will be a lasting piece of memorabilia for the family.
  5. Use lots of video and photo footage of them doing what they loved. Arms in the air victorious, head in the hand despair for defeat, joy and pleasure written on their faces doing what they loved.

"A Great Goodbye for the sports mad."

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