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Sharon Hunter - September 2021

Dear Reader

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Everywhere they went they carried something to read, and their nightstand towered with books just waiting to be consumed.

Holiday packing meant leaving essentials behind to make space for novels they would have ample time to work through, and the joy of knowing they were free from the usual daily distractions that got in the way of losing themselves in a story.

Every year they re-read their all-time favorite book.

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Inspiration and ideas:

  1. Order a plain wooden or cardboard casket, and with a fresh copy of the book they most loved, glue the pages on until the entire casket looks like a glorious tribute to the written word
  2. Make a wreath from book pages and lay this on the casket instead of flowers
  3. Have someone read a passage from their favourite book during the service
  4. Think about putting some of their favorite books in the casket
  5. Create a ritual of remembrance by reading their favorite novel each year on a special date (perhaps their birthday or death anniversary)
  6. On their Honor/Remember Me page, ask people to each purchase a book in their honor and donate a beautiful collection to a local school or community group.

"Honour the chapters of their life in a unique and meaningful way."

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