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Sharon Hunter - September 2021

Mad About Motors

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If it had an engine and wheels they were in heaven. You might say they were born to ride. Or to drive.

For some it was a classic beauty that held their heart, while others lived for more modern machines. Hours were given over to shining chrome and polishing paint.

They found deep friendship with others who shared their passion. They hit the road together, covering the miles and making memories.

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Ideas and inspiration:

  1. Painted or screen printed caskets offer the chance to personize with the emblem of their favourite marque.
  2. Transport the casket in a specially adapted motorbike with sidecar. Opt for a classic car or vintage truck.
  3. Organize a motorcade for the arrival of the casket to the service venue.
  4. People who loved bikes and cars loved the merchandise. Branded tee shirts were a go-to favourite. Suggest that funeral guests arrive wearing the same.
  5. If cremating, take a road trip and stop at all the old haunts of previous journeys and scatter the ashes.

They were born to ride. Or to drive."

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