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Sharon Hunter - September 2021

Gardening Glory

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Nothing made them happier than having their hands in the dirt. There was something in nurturing growth in the garden that filled their soul.

From the decades it took to grow a maple, to the seasonal reward in harvesting vegetables, and the pleasure in filling a vase with home grown cut flowers – gardening defined them.

The world became a better looking place because of the seeds they sowed.

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Ideas and inspiration:

  1. Choose a seagrass woven casket and gather friends and family to weave the sides with flowers from their garden.
  2. Go Out Green. People who loved gardening often want to touch the earth lightly as they leave. Choose an eco-friendly casket.
  3. In place of a formal casket spray, create an arrangement with flowers from their own garden. Anything goes. Multiple jars of cut flowers, tied together branches from their lemon tree, a bowl of the amazing tomatoes they grew each season.
  4. Have the service at home in a family garden if weather and space allows. If not, choose a setting resplendent with trees, gardens and nature.
  5. Share the recipe of the famous pickle, lemon honey, preserve or jam they made with their produce every year. Print on a postcard.
  6. Have a basket of seeds at the service. Ask people to plant something in their honor.

"The joy of gardening - honoured."

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