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Sharon Hunter - September 2021

Forever Fishing

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You’re pretty sure they liked to do things other than catch fish, but if pressed you couldn’t name what they were.

Fishing meant everything. From the meticulous preparations (check the weather, make stacks of sandwiches, pack lucky hat), to being out there on the water and sharing the catch with family and friends.

So many memories of hanging together patiently waiting for the fish to bite.

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Ideas and inspiration:

  1. See if the local fishing or boat club is up for hosting the funeral service. If not, have the after-service function there.
  2. If the weather allows, think about a gathering after the service at the beach. Tell guests to bring guitars, set up blankets and lanterns.
  3. Choose a caterer who can do individual fish and chip parcels. Consider a food truck if you're opting for an outdoor location.
  4. Instead of flowers, lay the casket with their fishing rod and battered lucky fishing hat.
  5. Tell lots of fishing stories! Get the fishing buddies up together to tag team their eulogy. Tales tall and true of the one that got away.
  6. Create a truly unique memorial board by asking guests to bring a fishing fly for a glorious collection of keepsakes.
  7. If cremating, give parcels of ashes for sprinkling on the best fishing spots.

"Create a meaningful Great Goodbye unique to your loved one."

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