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Sharon Hunter - September 2021

Always Elegant

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They were the most stylish person you ever knew. Rocking perfect style for every occasion, a perfectly laundered linen handkerchief always at the ready, they epitomized classic glamour.

Manners; well they were impeccable. They hosted the best events, be it a Sunday picnic, family dinner or glamourous cocktail party.

Details mattered. The heirloom family dinner set was always in use. The napkins were linen, the flowers exotic, the wine French.

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Ideas and inspiration:

  1. Chose a service setting that reflects their love of elegant spaces. A beautiful church, a stylish function venue, a glorious garden.
  2. Bring out the very best china at the post service event. Add crystal, linen tablecloths, candelabra.
  3. Place a basket of laundered handkerchiefs at the entrance to the service. If you’re really organized you might get them initialled as a keepsake.
  4. Make the mood with music. An opera singer for their favorite arias, a string quartet, a jazz ensemble.
  5. In place of the usual signing book, get a jeroboam of wine or champagne and have people sign their names in gold and silver pens. Gather together in a year and toast their memory. You’ll keep that bottle forever.

"Celebrate the life of the most stylish person you ever knew."

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