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Sharon Hunter - September 2021

DIY Creator

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My goodness – the things they could make. In their hands timber and stone, fabric and wool, paint and even words were transformed.

They could disappear for hours, sometimes days to indulge their craft. Generous with their talent, they delighted in passing along their craft to others.

A deck built, a dress made, a blanket woven - we will treasure these things forever.

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Ideas and inspiration:

  1. If friends and family have the skill, think about hand crafting the casket. There is lots of advice and inspiration available. It is the greatest gift for someone who created so much for others.
  2. Place the tools of their creative trade on top of the casket. A worn and much used tool belt. The sewing machine that seemed to whir constantly through the years. Drape a hand quilted rug across the top.

"Take an authentic DIY approach to your Great Goodbye."

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