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Sharon Hunter - September 2021

Life On The Land

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They were custodians of the land, and all things that grew within, and walked upon it.

Wide open spaces brought them comfort. Far horizons and vast skies settled their soul.

Humble, hardworking and strong, they lived with a quiet sense of purpose, always a good dog by their side. Their humour was drier than sun-baked summer fields. So many memories out there on the land, listening to their stories.

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Ideas and inspiration:

  1. Select a simple, strong casket. Honest hand crafted and recycled timber options work well.
  2. In place of flowers, place the items that they always carried or wore. Their worn boots, the hat they almost never took off, favourite shirt.
  3. Have the service at a farm or other outdoor setting. An old barn or farm shed. Put up a marquee in the field.
  4. Could the fields be their final resting place? Check with your local authority re the guidelines for a home burial.
  5. Go animal friendly. Bring the dogs, muster the horses.
  6. Transport the casket with the farm truck or tractor.
  7. Have a BBQ at the after service gathering and eat outside if weather allows. For a large crowd get several BBQ’s going and have friends and family share the cooking. Nothing beats gathering around and talking while the steaks get turned.

"Wide open spaces brought them comfort. Far horizons and vast skies settled their soul."

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