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Sharon Hunter - September 2021

Ride, Run, Then Repeat

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Imagine if you’d banked a dollar for every mile they covered on the roads and trails. What a number that would be.

In all weathers and in every season they ran, and they rode. Up mountains and along coastlines, through city streets and local neighbourhoods. Testing their body. Nurturing their spirit. Every stride and pedal stroke represented challenge and freedom.

You’ll always remember them a little weary and immensely satisfied.

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Ideas and inspiration:

  1. They loved the outdoors, and spent countless hours outside covering the miles. Consider a casket made of natural materials like wicker, bamboo, hand crafted timber.
  2. Place their well-worn running shoes on the casket. Lean their bike against the side.
  3. Instead of floral casket spray, choose something less structured and green. Think grasses, flax, ferns.
  4. If cremating sprinkle their ashes on their favourite trail. Maybe divide ashes into smaller parcels and take them on a journey to all the places they loved to go.
  5. Gather together each year on the anniversary to ride or run together in their honor. Create a friends and family event in their name. The Dougie Run, the Rebecca Ride.

"You’ll always remember them a little weary and immensely satisfied."

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