Practical Steps for Funerals

What, When & Who

Whether you have days, weeks, or perhaps months to prepare, there are practical steps you can take when there is a funeral to arrange. It’s an overwhelming time, even when you know it’s coming, and it can be tempting to hand everything over to a funeral home. First, pause for a moment.

One of the most common questions is “who is responsible for what?”

Families have different capacities for leaning into funeral arrangement details; some will do a little, others a lot. The right funeral home will let you take on the tasks you want, and handle the rest on your behalf.

Read our Practical Steps Guide below. You’ll find helpful links to articles and advice you can save to favorites and share with others.

Step 1: In the first 24 - 48 hours

Many early decisions involve care of the body.

Step 2: Booking The Service Venue

Now it’s time to plan the service and make the necessary arrangements.

Step 3: Creating The Service

With the venue secured, it’s time create a Great Goodbye.

Step 4: Planning A Funeral Reception

When all is said and done! What would you like to happen after the service?

Step 5: When The Day Is Over

If you've set up an Honoring Page then there are ways to enhance that page and keep honoring your loved one when the day is over. Consider delegating someone to monitor and upd...

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Set up a funeral plan

Save ideas to your favourites and start to pull together the elements of the funeral that you want to personalize to create a truly authentic Great Goodbye.

Create a Plan