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Sharon Hunter - June 2022

Myth: Your Funeral Plan Is Guaranteed To Be Followed

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Making a funeral pre-plan is an empowering and healthy thing to do. It is an opportunity to record important decisions about how you’d like things to be done in the event of your death. Decisions like whether you wish to be cremated or buried, where you’d like to be buried and what you would like done with your ashes.

With Great Goodbyes, you also get to layer in the details about a celebration of life service. Who will give the eulogies, the photos you love the best, what music you prefer. After you’ve explored all the possibilities you can build a plan that reflects exactly how you’d like to be reflected when you pass on.

But what happens when your plan runs counter to how others think your funeral should go? Sometimes, families can have strong opinions on how a life should be reflected, and it is not in keeping with the plan you have made for yourself. It can be distressing.

But what happens when your plan runs counter to how others think your funeral should go?

The good news is there are steps you can take to protect yourself and ensure your funeral instructions are adhered to. In Oregon, it’s possible to complete an Appointment To Direct form that nominates the person who will have the lawful right for decisions about your remains. This gives you the opportunity to appoint someone you trust to follow the instructions in your funeral pre-plan. It’s a simple directive that simply needs to be signed and witnessed.

Great Goodbyes will be adding directives appropriate to other US states. If you are not in Oregon and would like some assistance, email us via the Contact Us tab and we’ll do everything we can to help you find the appropriate paperwork for you.

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