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Sharon Hunter - September 2021

Myth: Food and drinks come after the service, and no alcohol

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Some think it disrespectful to eat and drink during a funeral service, but is it really? Reality is, many of us celebrate life’s biggest milestones this way, and if this is how you would like a Great Goodbye to go there is no reason not to make a plan that includes this option. For some, funeral customs and culture will define guidelines on what can and can’t be done, but for others there is more freedom.

There really are no rules to be followed regarding what to eat and drink, or when to do it. Have a BBQ if you want. Or a picnic. Cook and enjoy your loved one’s favorite meal. You might want fish and chips on the beach or gourmet finger food at the club. You can greet guests with a glass of wine as they arrive, take a break in the middle for refreshments. You can do all this while stories are being shared and eulogies given. Like so much of what makes a Great Goodbyes, trust your instincts.

Your own funeral.

For some, it’s important the event commemorating their own life is relaxed and informal. They want people to remember them with food, wine and song. To that end, it’s a good idea to leave instructions that captures these details. Use the Great Goodbye plan, and take the time to put down your thoughts. It might be you decide a memorial service offers the most freedom. A small committal service beforehand might give family the intimate and personal funeral service they need. Ideas and thoughts change, so keep your plan updated.

"There really are no rules to be followed regarding what to eat and drink, or when to do it."

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