Funeral Flower Arrangement Ideas

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Meaningful flowers

There are funeral flower arrangement options other than a traditional casket spray that can be different and memorable. From jars atop the casket with hand-picked favorites from the garden, or a bunch of wildflowers held together with your loved one's favorite scarf, there are ways to do it differently and more personally. For those looking for unique funeral ideas, flowers are a great place to start!

8 Things To Know About Casket Flowers

Some did you know's and maybe you might like ideas and inspiration... Flowers were originally used at funerals in pre-refrigeration days, and prior to embalming, to mask body odo...

Flowers for a Great Goodbye

Funeral flowers were originally used in the pre-refrigeration era to mask odours. Alongside scented candles and incense, flowers were selected for the strength of their perfume. La...

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