Funeral Euglogy & Speech Examples

The story of a life

When it's the last chance to say it, what do you say?

From cleverly crafted words, to capturing the essence of your loved one…or simply choosing a little-known poem, an extract from their favorite book or a verse from a song.

Knowing where to start often helps the words flow…

Photos for a Great Goodbye

Photo and video montages have become a hallmark of contemporary funerals. They bring stories to life, taking us on a visual journey through someone’s history. Creating a photo reel...

One Picture, A Thousand Words

The moment we had a camera as part of mobile phone functionality we started taking photos of almost everything. Weirdly, food featured a lot. There were before and after photos at...

The Final Say

A lot of meaningful moments happen at the funeral service. We speak of our love, respect, and admiration for the one who has died. We also express our grief. A Great Goodbye that’s...

A Different Way With Words

The Eulogy. It’s often the funeral element that causes the most angst and raises the most questions leading up to the day. What do you say? How much is too much? Should it be a wel...

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Save ideas to your favourites and start to pull together the elements of the funeral that you want to personalize to create a truly authentic Great Goodbye.

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