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Sharon Hunter - September 2021

Going Out Green

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The impact we have on our planet is inescapable. It’s no small burden that we have during our time on earth.

Now many look for ways they can lessen the impact when we die, making a conscious decision to leave the earth lightly. Increasingly, there are meaningful choices we can make that discard old ideas and embrace new and better ways.

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Ideas and inspiration:

  1. Say no to embalming. Using chemicals such as formaldehyde and methanol embalming has a negative impact on water and soil. Or opt for a funeral home that offers natural embalming so that you reduce the use of formaldehyde and ethanol.

  2. Choose an eco friendly casket. One made of sustainable materials, free of resins, varnishes and metals. Linings are unbleached calico, handles rope or wooden.

  3. Say no to concrete vault liners when burying.

  4. Search out earth friendly natural burial grounds in your area. One that aims for rapid decomposition through shallow burial. Plant a tree in place of a headstone.

  5. If cremating, consider the emerging bio/aqua method that significantly reduces carbon emissions over typical flame based cremation.

  6. Have seedlings and plants at the service for guests to plant a tree in their honor.

  7. Choose caterers that offer a great vegan menu. Avoid plastic plates and cutlery in favor of earth friendly bamboo or plant based materials.

"Leaving only footprints in honour of your loved one."

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