Eco Friendly Funeral Ideas

Leaving only footprints

Environmentally friendly funeral ideas

More and more we are looking for ways to leave this earth lightly. To lessen our impact on the environment. Making more meaningful, environmentally friendlier choices means approaching things differently and we can help with that. Our eco-friendly funeral ideas are among our favorite funeral ideas at Great Goodbyes.

What is a Green Funeral?

Dear Mother Earth... I know you’ve got a huge amount on your plate right now, but if you can spare a moment, I wanted to tell you a bit about Great Goodbyes. In the spirit of eve...

Going Out Green

The impact we have on our planet is inescapable. It’s no small burden that we have during our time on earth. Now many look for ways they can lessen the impact when we die, making a...

Emerging Trends in Green Funerals

If there is a single overarching theme it is this: To have minimal environmental impact such that it helps conserve natural resources and reduces carbon emissions. There can be no...

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