Funeral Catering Ideas

When taste really matters

Funeral catering inspiration

So you want to do it differently. A food truck with the tacos they always ordered. Clam chowder and apple pie, washed down with cider from the restaurant down the road, served in the grounds of the primary school they went to years ago. Wherever and however you choose to have the funeral service catered there's some different ways to do it.

Catering for a Great Goodbye

As people go deeper into their Great Goodbye celebration, food and beverages become important elements. What’s the best approach? When it comes to catering for a funeral, get plent...

12 Tips To Ease Venue & Catering Decisions

There's some initial considerations that can make your catering plans easier. Think about these 11 pointers: It’s one of the first things people ask: When and where is the funera...

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