Caskets & Urns Ideas

A personalised resting place

Breaking with tradition

There is no rule to say you must have a conventional casket, or place a traditional floral arrangement on top. Anything that captures the essence of a person works beautifully. The more you do yourself, the more personal it will be.

Color My Funeral Purple

Anyone who loves a good period drama will have seen their share of Victorian era funerals. They were short, sombre affairs, and attendance meant wearing black, the strict dress cod...

Personalizing the Casket

While it’s custom to have a casket spray, there’s no rule that says you must purchase a floral arrangement to display on the coffin. Instead, you might personalize the casket with...

So You Want to Build A Casket

I have always been in awe of those who are handy with a hammer and nail. Be it building a deck or crafting a cabinet, watching timber transform to something functional and useful i...

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Set up a funeral plan

Save ideas to your favourites and start to pull together the elements of the funeral that you want to personalize to create a truly authentic Great Goodbye.

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