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Outside of Portland

Pacific Coastal Memorials

Specialists in grave markers and customized granite memorials.

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Pacific Coast Memorials is a nationally known grave marker and memorial company located in Everett, Washington. They work with cemeteries in all 50 states and regularily ship their grave markers to Nevada, Oregon, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, Idaho, Montana, and Utah. They also specialize in Bronze Markers and their graphics team will work directly with you on your custom headstone design.

Useful Information

Materials used
Custom designs using granite.

Our showroom is full of beautiful custom and standard shaped monuments and headstones, and is located just inside our building at 5703 Evergreen Way in Everett Washington

Outside of Portland

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What makes them special

"Their headstones are more on the traditional side, offering a few different styles and layouts. They have nice stone materials for a classic headstone look.

Jude - Great Goodbyes


Address / Location
5703 Evergreen Way Everett WA, 98203

Phone Number
425 348-9868

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Email Address
[email protected]

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