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Cornerstone Funeral Services & Cremation

Deeply family first, Cornerstone advocate for a kinder way to leave the earth when we die.

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Specializing in green burial services, Cornerstone offer natural organic reduction services, flameless cremation and support the Gift of Life organ donation. They are also Oregon's first sea burial certified funeral provider. Cornerstone have some of the most affordable prices in the area, and free cremation for those who cannot afford the fee. Cornerstone is a tax-exempt, not for profit organization.

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A petite chapel for 30 people

Funeral home services
Eco-friendly burial
Flameless cremation / Alkaline hydrolysis
Certified sea burial provider
Gift of Life organ donation

Funeral home settings
A quaint white weatherboard building surrounded by pretty gardens


Traditional full service burial icon Traditional full service burial


Direct to cremation icon Direct to cremation


Full service cremation icon Full service cremation


Direct to burial icon Direct to burial


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What makes them special

Cornerstone's owner and funeral director Elizabeth Fournier hosts "Until We Meet Again" - Portland's only radio show discussing death. Elizabeth is a member of the advisory board for the Green Burial Council, which speaks to the companies passion and advocacy for environmentally better funerals.

Jude - Great Goodbyes


Address / Location
18635 S.E. Bakers Ferry Road, Boring, OR 97009

Phone Number
1 (503) 637-5020

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Email Address
[email protected]

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