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These great funeral homes take a like-minded approach to saying goodbye. After crafting your Great Goodbye with our digital planner, connect with one of these providers to care for your loved one. They will do as much or as little as you need.

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Maybe you know just the song to play and maybe you don’t. Maybe you’d love to do things a certain way at the funeral but you’re not sure if you can. At Great Goodbye’s we’ve unpacked some myths and little known facts that can free you up to do what you want … and some inspiration to help you plan each element of the funeral. Here’s some for starters...

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Myth: A funeral must be held within a few days

When death comes to a loved one, it can be overwhelming. Amid the grief, there is suddenly a lot to do, and many decisions to make. Most people think a funeral must be held within...

Myth: Funerals should be held inside a church or funeral home

The law allows you to hold a funeral service almost anywhere. In your own home or Grandma’s garden. At the beach or local football club. In a forest or a cave. In your local pub. Y...

9 Funeral Home Facts

The more you know the better. There's some key points to be aware of for starters The funeral director is the industry professional most turn to for assistance making funeral arr...

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