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Portland City North

Tamale Boy

A fleet of food trucks serving Mexican cuisine.

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Soltero Jr. and his team aim for Tamale Boy to be creative and affordable option for your special event, offering full service catering and staffing. Their s​easonal menu highlights cuisine from various regions throughout Mexico.

Useful Information

Many creative inspirations from regions throughout Mexico

Catering style
Food trucks and A La Carte menus.

Dietary options provided
Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten free options available.

Portland City North
Portland City South

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What makes them special

Tamale Boy will bring a sense of celebration of life to your remembrance with its creativity and passion for Mexican food.

Jude - Great Goodbyes


Address / Location
Dekum, Russel & Happy Valley

Phone Number
503 206 8022

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Email Address
[email protected]

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