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From a picnic in your loved one’s favourite park, to a service at the top of the hill on their much loved hiking trail or a memorial service at your home, there's a myriad of ways a Great Goodbye can be done differently ... and food can play a quintessential part in defining the day.

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Sometimes we just need a little inspiration

Maybe you know just the song to play and maybe you don’t. Maybe you’d love to do things a certain way at the funeral but you’re not sure if you can. At Great Goodbye’s we’ve unpacked some myths and little known facts that can free you up to do what you want … and some inspiration to help you plan each element of the funeral. Here’s some for starters...

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Catering for a Great Goodbye

As people go deeper into their Great Goodbye celebration, food and beverages become important elements. What’s the best approach? When it comes to catering for a funeral, get plent...

12 Tips To Ease Venue & Catering Decisions

There's some initial considerations that can make your catering plans easier. Think about these 11 pointers: It’s one of the first things people ask: When and where is the funera...

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