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Natural Burial Company

A comprehensive range of biodegradable coffins, eco friendly caskets, and ash burial urns for North America

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The Natural Burial Company sells biodegradable* coffins, caskets, urns and natural funeral goods throughout the US and into Canada., representing crafters from around the world, where the technique of making handwoven coffins has not yet been lost. The company has also designed some of the products themselves, including a shrouding board and natural DIY shipped flat casket. They provide one of the largest ranges of eco-friendly burial products.

*Note: Their biodegradable coffins and urns must be buried in proper soil conditions in order to biodegrade in a timeframe normally expected of burial in a cemetery. You can order direct from the company or a funeral director can order on your behalf."

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Artisan crafted eco friendly burial products including caskets, urns and shrouds.

Click the link for Natural Burial Company Good Funeral Store on their home page. In Oregon you'll find NBC products carried by Cornerstone, Omega, Threadgills and Mount Scott funeral homes.

Outside of Portland

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What makes them special

Like others in the eco-friendly funeral space, The Natural Burial Company is passionate about doing death better. In addition to the excellent range of burial and cremation products, their website carries a wealth of information and an incredible selection of books

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PO Box 2026; Eugene, Oregon

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[email protected]

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