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Caskets and urns in Portland and surrounds

There is now greater choice and more options than ever before when it comes to choosing a casket, casket alternative or urn. All funeral homes carry a broad range for families to select from. There are also other providers who produce a range of beautiful products including eco friendly, artisan and hand crafted.

Connect with them via Great Goodbyes. Shipping is generally overnight. All our funeral homes accept caskets and urns purchased direct.

Sometimes we just need a little inspiration

Maybe you know just the song to play and maybe you don’t. Maybe you’d love to do things a certain way at the funeral but you’re not sure if you can. At Great Goodbye’s we’ve unpacked some myths and little known facts that can free you up to do what you want … and some inspiration to help you plan each element of the funeral. Here’s some for starters...

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Personalizing the Casket

While it’s custom to have a casket spray, there’s no rule that says you must purchase a floral arrangement to display on the coffin. Instead, you might personalize the casket with...

Color My Funeral Purple

Anyone who loves a good period drama will have seen their share of Victorian era funerals. They were short, sombre affairs, and attendance meant wearing black, the strict dress cod...

So You Want to Build A Casket

I have always been in awe of those who are handy with a hammer and nail. Be it building a deck or crafting a cabinet, watching timber transform to something functional and useful i...

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