We believe there's a better way

Freed from what ‘should be’ and inspired by what ‘could be’

We are all unique

Odd or outrageous, academic or artist, writer or runner. The variations are endless, and none of us are entirely the same as another. We are one of a kind, and our funerals and memorials should reflect that truth.

Before we talk about us, we want to talk about you. It’s the reason we created Great Goodbyes. We have witnessed first-hand how generic and restrained funerals and memorials can be; we knew there was a better way to tell the story of someone’s life. And now there is, with Great Goodbyes.

A Great Goodbye is a true reflection

A Great Goodbye is your story, or your loved one’s story, encapsulated in one beautiful funeral or memorial. It’s a unique send-off, and a true reflection of the one being honored. From small details to the entire goodbye, we have created a platform to help you create and carry out a final farewell that is unforgettably, perfectly unique.

What We Believe In

Difference background

Almost every facet of our lives can be shaped to fit our individual desires, wants and needs. When the time comes that we leave this earth, that too should reflect our uniqueness. We believe in celebrating our differences when this final moment arrives.

Honesty background

Death is a part of life. The loss that accompanies it can be overwhelming, brutal, and confusing. Being more informed can make us better equipped to take on the huge task of making it through. The time has come for better dialogue about death and how we celebrate the passing of a life.

Learning background

Perspectives are shaped by individual histories, cultures and backgrounds. We need a bigger world view. We hold the value of learning from each other at our heart, and are arms wide open. Help us build Great Goodbyes into a force for better funerals.

Legacy background

Our planet groans under the weight of her 7 billion inhabitants. The old ways no longer serve us well. Great Goodbyes will educate, promote and advocate for funerals that touch the earth more lightly when we die.

Our Story

When a serial social entrepreneur and a tech company founder got together to enable more personalized funerals it was always going to be interesting! Beginning with more questions than answers, a two-year journey began to unpick the rituals, rules and regulations that have governed funerals since the first world war.

They began to understand that although grief and loss can feel insurmountable, people are motivated and capable of creating memorable funerals if they are given the tools and information they need. That freed of what ‘should be’ and inspired by what “could be”, they would elevate funerals and memorials into unique one-of-a-kind events that reflect the life lost.

Great Goodbyes was born to inspire and encourage the creation of wonderful funerals, and equip people with the knowledge and skills to plan unique farewells for themselves or someone they love.

Photo of Jude


I lost both parents and a much loved sister Sue. I’m no stranger to grief; in fact, I've learnt to pull up a chair so grief can sit beside the fire with me, and just BE with it. It can be raw and reckless, and it can be soft and full of immense grace. It can be a friend, or something you run from. I'm glad I can accept its presence.

I’ve spent four years researching what was missing in our day to day practice of dealing with loss, and realized we could contribute something that might enable families to do a little better when death visits us. Maybe a lot better.

Giving families inspiration and information, and the confidence to step up and create a beautiful funeral could be the starting point of authentically celebrating a life, and understanding that in the end we all go.

Our purpose is to give people permission to do things on their terms, and feel the deep pride and satisfaction that comes with that.

Let's all help each along this we are all just walking each other home.

Photo of Sharon


It’s a funny thing, fate. That’s what it felt like when my friend and former colleague sat across my kitchen bench, and shared with me the journey she had been on to unpick the funeral industry in an effort to release people from the shackles of formatted funerals.

Jude spoke of embalming and casket options. Of farewell rituals and funeral home fees. Even though I had lost both my mother and a best friend, I was struck by how little I truly understood. I remember that evening clearly. It became the stone in my shoe. Instead of being a victim of the system, could I be part of the solution?

Great Goodbyes is born out of that night. We are inspired by what is possible, if only we can be released by what convention tells us should be done.

I became increasingly aware of the views I had about my own end of life decisions. The importance of touching the earth lightly. The reverence with which I held a particular song. How could I record and share these choices? How does anyone? The vision for Great Goodbyes grew so people could take control of the decisions and choices that come into play when we die. To enable deeply personal and authentic funerals for ourselves and those we love.

We can help you say a Great Goodbye

Ideas and Inspiration

We are all unique; our funeral and memorials should reflect that. Here you’ll find themes, ideas and inspiration to help you.

Planning a Great Goodbye

Put your unique ideas together in our Great Goodbyes planner as you create an unforgettable funeral.


We’ll connect you with great providers in your area, people who will help turn your Great Goodbye into reality.


Capture the funeral, and share photos, memories and tributes on a lasting remembrance page for your loved one.