Saying goodbye is hard.

Don't let it be ordinary.

Be Inspired Make A Funeral Plan

Create a funeral and end-of-life celebration that is unique and authentic.

At Great Goodbyes you’ll find everything you need to create a beautiful funeral for yourself or loved one. We have inspired ideas, simple planning guides, and providers who will help you create a unique farewell.

How to plan a funeral

Suddenly there are many decisions to make and there may be costs you didn't anticipate. We guide you through what you need to do.

Ideas and Inspiration

We are all unique; our funeral and memorials should reflect that. Here you’ll find themes, ideas and inspiration to help you.


We’ll connect you with great providers in your area, people who will help turn your Great Goodbye into reality.

Planning a Great Goodbye

Put your unique ideas together in our Great Goodbyes planner as you create an unforgettable funeral.

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Ready to start creating a funeral plan?

Use our easy planning guide to create the elements of a truly Great Goodbye for your loved one, or yourself.

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Breaking norms and exploring possibilities

Let’s face it, until we plan a funeral, we don’t really know what’s allowed. Explore articles that dispel common myths and open a world of possibilities for planning a truly Great Goodbye. You’ll be surprised what you can do.


Odd or outrageous, academic or artist, writer or runner. We are all unique individuals and a Great Goodbye should celebrate that.


Let us surprise you with what you can do. Let’s face it, until we have to plan our first funeral, we don’t often know what’s allowed.

Practical Steps

Whether you have days, weeks, or perhaps months to prepare, there are practical steps you can take when there is a funeral to arrange...